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St Albans & District Scout & Guide Gang Show

St Albans Gang Show


Gang Show 2023 – The Official Movie

Orders for the 2023 show movie are now closed. We hope to send these out by the end of March to anyone who did make an order. If you missed the first ordering deadline please keep checking our Gang Show Store as it will be for sale again later in the year via our archive movie store once the first orders have been sorted.

Gang Show 2023 - photos

Buy all the 2023 show photos to download or have them on your very own USB memory stick. Visit the Gang Show store now.

The Official Archive Movie Store

Have you ever been involved in the St Albans Gang Show? If so, we are super excited to say we have an Archive Movie Store where digital copies are now available of every show recorded since 1982.

Relive those memories, show the children (or the grandchildren) how talented you were back in the day or simply reminisce. Copies of every show recorded are now available to buy online at the Gang Show Movie Store above.

To order your copy online, please visit our special Gang Show film store at

Don’t delay – get yours ordered today!

*NB The show is supplied as an MP4 file on our memory stick which you can either play/stream from your PC/laptop or plug directly into a suitable TV.

Any questions please drop us a line at [email protected]